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We built the first hall, which housed the offices, warehouse and production part in 2000. In November 2010, we moved to the current location – the property at Turystyczna Street in Wiązowna. We built an office building here, renovated existing buildings, and in the years 2016-17 we expanded the warehouse and production area.
In 2018 we completed the construction of other warehouse and laboratories. We have planted new trees and bushes. A new parking lot and loading platform were created. In total, we have about 5,000 sq m, of which over 3 thousand are high storage warehouses.
Our factory is developing with us. When designing modern cosmetics and accessories, realizing orders for new markets, we need a better, more precise and more efficient machinery park. We order and mount modern mixers, fillers, applicators, punching presses, welding and packing machines.
We work according to standards developed over the years. Each stage of production is strictly supervised. Since 2015 we have had certificate ISO 9001: 2009 proving that we meet the quality system criteria. We employ people who want to develop with the company. We help them gain new competences and realize their ambitions.